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Why are there 3 options in the Kabola Compact 7 boiler range?

One question that we are often asked (and even some people are not aware of) is..."Why are there 3 options in the Kabola Compact 7 boiler range?"

Well the answer is ..."a lot"!

Each one of these options has its place and each one is clearly a difference in price so lets look at them.

  • Standar boiler - This is the base model. The boiler operates quite simply by heating a volume of water and then circulating that through your calorifier (hot water tank) and then onto the radiators before returning on the circuit.
  • Combi boiler - As the name suggests, this is similar to the combi in your house. Hot water/heating is produced on demand and therefore there is no need for a calorifier.
  • Calorifier Control boiler - Lastly, this tends to be one of the most popular options. With a more sophisticated control, the 'hot water only' can be controlled via the thermostat so that in the summer months you can run the boiler for just the hot water. Coupled with a twin coil calorifier (with high recovery option available) this is ideal for liveaboards who tend to be on the move.